Human Vertebrae Bone Sketch
New Era Archaeology prides itself in the Human Osteological Services that they provide. A full time Osteoarcheologist is on staff and available to confirm, exhume and process any human remains that are unearthed. Additional staff are trained to be able to positively identify human remains while completing archaeological assessments to ensure the proper care and processes are taken. New Era Archaeology specializes in the exhumation for the purpose of reburial in cases of cemetery relocation and in archaeological contexts.

New Era Archaeology is able to complete a non-invasive detailed analysis of the remains to aid with the identification of the individual(s) which includes but is not limited to the age, sex, stature, time since death, cause of death, cultural affiliation and presence of any pathologies. Additionally, upon request sample can taken and sent for processing to determine the individuals DNA and trace elements for additional analysis.

New Era Archaeology is very knowledgeable in the policies and procedures that must be followed once human remains are identified and is able to provide a smooth and clear process for all stakeholders.

Throughout the entire process New Era Archaeology strives to provide the utmost sensitivity, care and respect to all recovered remains.