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Stage 1 Archaeological Background Study

A Stage 1 Archaeological Background Study is the starting point for all Ontario archaeological investigations. This stage includes detail background research on the subject property. Concurrently an optional property inspection can be completed and is highly recommended for a greater understanding of the property environs and current conditions. Several sources are reviewed including historical maps, plans, aerial photos, documentary records, current environmental reports as well as the archaeological site database. This information is gathered to determine the archaeological potential of a project area. If it is determined that the project area has archaeological potential a recommendation for a Stage 2 Archaeological Assessment will be made.


All the background data gathered along with the analysis and recommendations are documented in a detailed Stage 1 Archaeological Background Study report which is then submit to the Ministry of Tourism Culture and Sport for both review and concurrence. Upon review a letter of concurrence is then issued by the Ministry of Tourism Culture and Sport.


Frequently Asked Questions


How do I know if I require a Stage 1 Archaeological Study?

You will be informed by your approval authority. (i.e. when submitting an application for development)

Can a Stage 1 Archaeological Study be completed in the winter?

Yes. A Stage 1 Archaeological Background Study can be completed in the winter. Recommendations for further Stage 2 Archaeological Assessment are made based on aerial images and background documentation as a property visit can not be done while it is covered in snow.


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